Innovation & Consulting

Technical Development


German Industry Engineering Consult is a young and highly experienced company for plant engineering, consulting and innovation. Our specialists are multidisciplinary skilled, highly experienced and have the ability to think outside the box. This unique mixture is the key to our client’s future success.

Oil & Gas

A cost efficient plant design depends on a lot of engineering disciplines, but most likely on an efficient routing of pipes. Therefore, an appropriate pipe stress analysis is mandatory. Ensuring minimal support loads will decrease the amount of concrete and steel within the plant and safe a lot of resources in other disciplines, time and money.  

ROHR2 is the leading German pipe stress analysis software in a lot of industries and used by our engineers because it’s astonishing usability.  


The GIE senior engineers have a tremendous work experience in a wide range of technical sectors like the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry or the energy sector. This multidisciplinary experience enables us to think outside the box for the development of new technologies.

Consulting project teams of large capital projects makes GIE to a unique engineering partner.  

TECHNICAL Development

The continuously growing demand for green energy solutions will be the challenge of our decade. A key technology will the hydrogen sektor which is the focus of future developments.   


Examples of services

Pipe stress
  • Pipe stress analysis according to standarts like: EN-13480, ASME B31.1, B31.3 usw.
  • Training courses
Finite element analysis
  • Finite element analysis for components like:
  • Special piping components
  • Nozzles on equipment
  • Reinforcing plates
  • Tanks
Process design
  • Process analysis
Pressure loss analysis
  • Pressure and heat loss analysis
  • Design of equipments
  • Training courses